Digital SAR & FOI Request Portal

centralised management for effective delivery of information

Why NHS SAR Portal

AMS SAR Portal is a secure encrypted solution, allowing 3rd parties to submit SARs Requests and Freedom of Information Requests electronically and digitally via online forms.  With a full audit trail and management portal behind the scenes, each organisation is able to adhere to strict deadlines by responding within the permitted time, control requests using a visual traffic light system which helps prioritise requests and run full KPI reports for both management reviews and on individual staff. Our portal provides an end to end solution to what can be a fragmented and labour intensive process, allowing staff to concentrate on other core tasks and meet the ever evolving demands of requests being made.

Digital Capture

Securely capture all subject access requests and freedom of information requests digitally via customisable intuitive web forms

Reduce Breaches

Assign, manage and monitor each request through to completion with an analytical dashboard and audit trail of every action

Your Branding

Fall in line with NHS Digital initiatives by modernising the SAR process with a branded portal, offering a level of reassurance to patients and authorised third parties

Patient Access

Provide a secure, safe place for patients and recipients to access their files once the request has been fulfilled

Healthcare Organisations Trust AMS

SAR Digital Capture

Fall in line with NHS digitisation by modernising the subject access request (SAR) process.  AMS SAR Portal allows you to capture all requests digitally via a web form that can be bespoke to your process. If patients or third parties still want to submit requests via phone, email or post, the portal will also cater for this. The portal includes a form builder tool, which allows you to create as many forms as you wish and personalise them to your own requirements.

Manage, Assign and Control

Once the request is captured, AMS SAR Portal will allow you to assign the request to an authorised user. As soon as the request has been submitted, you’ll have access to the details of the person making the request, all supporting documentation and the answers to the completed form. The dashboard will enable you to sort requests by type and due date giving you the opportunity to manage the requests and reduce breaches. Authorised users can accept, reject or merge requests within the portal as well as ask questions and log activity. When completing a request, a user can formulate their response and add the requested files.

Security and Compliance

Our UK Microsoft Azure Data Centres provide the highest security. Each customer’s data is segregated into individual storage areas and databases and all information is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256 bit-AES encryption. All requests have an audit trail for full visibility and traceability providing you with reassurance and aiding your GDPR initiatives. The audit trail is accessible on a user level and as an Administrator.


The portal has been created in line with the NHS Digital design guidelines for accessibility, to make the user experience simple and intuitive. People requesting information have the option to do so as a guest, or by creating an online account. By having an account, the requester can interact with the person managing their request, answer any questions, upload supporting documentation and download the information they have requested.


Administrators have access to tools allowing them to manage permissions for users, run reports, export data, customise the site content, create and manage forms using the form builder tool, control the look and feel of the email notifications and reassign requests to their colleagues. In addition, there’s also an option to manage how the portal allocates the traffic light thresholds for different request types, to ensure requests are completed within their specified timeframe to avoid breaches.

The SAR Portal from AMS has revolutionised our approach to dealing with Access to Health Records requests. It has enabled us to offer an improved, streamlined service to our ‘customers’ due to the fully customizable features of the product that have allowed us to tailor it to our needs. It is intuitive and straightforward to use for both the team and users of our SAR service.

Mark Jessup, Head of Digital Records, East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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