Virtual Data Rooms

Secure indexing and collaboration

Why AMS Data Rooms

AMS Data Rooms is all about managing and maintaining a consistent index structure for your files and folders. Whether you’re working on a transaction, a complicated project, or legal case, the solution will enable you to keep full control of your data in a secure and encrypted environment.

UK hosted platform with a full audit trail and traceability of all activity within the virtual data room

Access Permissions

Control which users can access the data room with permission-based roles, offering flexibility on which folders they can view and manage.

File Indexing

Use the secure encrypted platform to organise your files and documents in the correct index structure, with the ability to lock or re index the structure at any time. Content and index reports provide a map of where files are and what their index value is as a point of reference for all parties.


Work with all relevant parties on your transaction, project, or legal case, with quick and easy access to relevant files and folders.

Your Branding

Personalise your portal with your corporate graphics, to provide reassurance and increase brand recognition.

Businesses Trust AMS

User Experience and Tools

AMS Data Rooms is easy to use and offers the tools needed to control, manage, and manipulate the structure and indexing of the files stored within the virtual data room, either from the browser or the desktop app.

The desktop app also gives administrators the ability to upload a whole structure of folders, sub folders and files, straight into a new or existing data room.

Using drag and drop, an existing structure can easily be reordered to suit, with options to lock the data room, to prevent any changes and a tool to re index individual folders or the entire data room after required changes have been made.

The index report shows the index values of all the files and folders within the data room, with each line item being clickable to go straight to the location of the file.

Email notifications can be set by the user or the admin to notify all relevant parties of actions, such as new files added, and files deleted.

Once the transaction or project is completed, an administrator can download a complete copy of all the files and folders involved, for long term archiving and future reference.

Security and Compliance

All information is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256 bit-AES encryption. Log on access to the portal can be further secured against unauthorised access using 2 factor authentication.

All actions within the virtual data room are recorded in the audit trail providing you with peace of mind that you have full traceability of documents, uploaded, download, and collaborated on.

We feel confident that our UK Microsoft Azure Data Centres provide our customers with a solution, which is of the highest security. Each customer’s data is segregated into individual storage areas and databases.


The administration of the solution is undertaken through the admin portal and can only be accessed by your registered administrators via a secure login.

The Administrator can fully set-up and manage the system from the portal, allowing them to create groups, users, set permissions and profiles down to an individual user level. Administrators can also centrally manage the creation of Virtual Data Rooms giving them full control over the way users interact with the solution.

In addition, the admin portal will allow the administrator to access detailed reports on user activity, audits and compliance to assist with their GDPR initiatives.

Branding and Marketing

At AMS we offer our customers the option of branding the portal and associated email notifications. The bespoke portal will offer your users and external users an experience they are more familiar with in terms of the look and feel and adds an additional level of security and reassurance.

Our Plans

From one secure encrypted platform there are 3 different ways of using the solution. Whether you’re looking for point to point transfer, longer term storage and collaboration, structed virtual data rooms with index management tools, or a mixture of all 3, we’re confident there will be a plan suitable to your business.

Secure File Transfer

Secure Point to Point 2-way Transfer solution with 256 bit-AES encryption and audit trail

  • 2-way secure transfer
  • Any file type, any size
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • 3 authentication options
  • Automatic deletion with expiry
  • Full management and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

File Sharing

Longer term secure storage and collaboration within a 256 bit AES encrypted portal

  • Share internally and externally
  • No file size or file type restriction
  • Built-in workflow options
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • File access roles controlled by originator
  • Full management and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

Virtual Data Rooms

Store and share documents in a highly secure and structured way, with activity tracking and index/content reports

  • Structured Index & Content Management
  • Enforce access disclaimers
  • Share internally and externally
  • Web viewer for 70+ supported file types
  • Drag/drop & bulk folder/file upload
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you to test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

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