AMS File Transfer is widely used within Legal organisations to secure and modernise the way they share confidential information and large files with clients and authorised 3rd parties.

Keeping your data safe, at all times

Working with Legal organisations for many years we understand the intense pressure to secure the way information and data is transferred in and out of the organisation.

There are 3 core principals:

  • Data must be secure from unauthorised access
  • Data must be safeguarded against unauthorised modification
  • Data must be accessible regardless of location without any delays

Confidential information needs to be protected against unauthorised access whilst making the information easily accessible to the correct people.

Managing this process can be challenging and has traditionally been achieved by either printing and posting documents via special delivery, or encrypting files and burning them to disk or USB sticks. These methods can cause delays and offer minimal auditability or tracking.

AMS File Transfer makes the process of sharing information with clients and authorised third parties simple and secure, eliminating the need for physical media, whilst increasing control and security. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The solution is easy to use and intuitive for both internal and external users, and reduces any potential delay for time sensitive cases, and transactions.

The Problem

Clients, Solicitors, Regulatory Bodies, Courts and other authorised 3rd parties often need to share and access a variety of confidential legal and financial information. Traditionally this has been achieved though a manual process, for example, printing and posting or encrypting and burning information to physical media.

A transaction such as a property purchase will require access to a wide range of documents to support and enable the transaction to complete within a timely manner. Any delays could have serious repercussions and potentially result in the transaction not going through.

Sharing information and supporting evidence relating to a case or action often requires significant amounts of paperwork and large files. Managing this process manually is laborious and lacks visibility, and could potentially lead to lost documentation.

The Solution

By doing this electronically, clients, other solicitors and interested parties, can access the information they need quickly and easily without the need for physical media, whilst providing greater visibility on the information that is shared. Modernising this process is key to improving the experience for all involved and expediting the outcome of the action or transaction.

Businesses Trust AMS

Why AMS File Transfer in the Legal Sector?

AMS File Transfer helps our customers share information electronically whilst maintaining the security and controls required to protect personal and confidential information.

Central management offering a single point of control and visibility of all information shared by your users
All files are secured with 256-bit AES encryption in line with GDPR guidelines
Fully branded secure web portal, personalised to your organisation, adding an additional level of reassurance.
Provides a full audit trail and traceability of all data transferred and shared
Save costs on managing legacy FTP servers, burning to disk, postage and USB sticks
Free up user’s time and facilitate timely response to Subject Access Requests
Eliminate the use of encrypted PDF's, improve compliance and manage Right of Access in line with GDPR and the Data Protection Act
On-premise and UK hosted cloud options available with full UK Data Sovereignty

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you to test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you to test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.