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Within a single secure platform, with AMS File Shares

Why AMS File Shares

AMS File Shares allows you to create common areas to share information with your colleagues, customers and partners in a safe, secure and encrypted environment. By creating a familiar file and folder structure, you can easily store and manage your documents, longer term, all in one place. Fully customisable with your branding to represent your corporate identity. UK hosted platform with a full audit trail and traceability of information flowing in and out of the business.

Your Branding

Have your portal branded how you like, allowing you to increase brand recognition and add additional reassurance for external parties.

File Sharing

Use the secure encrypted platform to store and collaborate on files and folders for the longer term while offering version control and a full audit trail


Work towards completing your project and provide your customers with quick and easy access to relevant files and folders and make comments and suggestions on the next steps.


Create a process workflow to perform an action once someone has done something with a file. In-built and managed by the administrator, take control of your data and who has access to it.

Businesses Trust AMS

Security and Compliance

All information is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256 bit-AES encryption. Log on access to the portal can be further secured against unauthorised access using 2 factor authentication.

All file share actions are caught in the audit trail providing you with peace of mind that you have full traceability of documents, uploaded, download and collaborated on.

We feel confident that our UK Microsoft Azure Data Centres provide our customers with a solution, which is of the highest security. Each customer’s data is segregated into individual storage areas and databases.


AMS File Shares is intuitive and easy to use whilst offering enough traceability and control for compliance. With functionality such as check out, check in, renaming, moving files and making comments, it makes the user experience hassle free and an easy transition from their existing platforms.

When using your own branded File Shares Portal, you’ll be able to access a full audit trail of actions, dictate how other users engage with the file share by setting the relevant role access permissions from a simple dropdown option.

Email notifications can be set by the user or the admin and can notify internal or external users of actions undertaken at a defined frequency.

With built-in automated workflow users can make use of the workflow module allowing AMS File Shares to undertake some of the actions for them, for example, Files can be automatically deleted upon download or after a certain timeframe.


The administration of the solution is undertaken through the admin portal and can only be accessed by your registered administrators via a secure login.

The Administrator can fully set-up and manage the system from the portal, allowing them to create groups, users, set permissions and profiles down to an individual user level. Administrators can also centrally manage the creation of file share containers giving them full control over the way users interact with the solution.

In addition, the admin portal will allow the administrator to access detailed reports on user activity, audits and compliance to assist with their GDPR initiatives.

Desktop Apps

Manage document and folder uploads directly from the AMS File Shares desktop app, allowing you to upload single files or entire folder structures with a single click.

In addition, you’ll be able to monitor file uploads easily via the upload panel and control each upload by pausing or resuming when necessary. With each file share container, you can download a content report, containing a full list of users who have access to the share as well as the file and folder paths.

Using this app will give you a real time live view and control of all your files and folders stored securely in our UK Cloud instance or on-premise if preferred.

Integration & Automation

Why not automate the secure file share creation and storage using our API? The AMS File Shares Web Services provides developers with the ability to integrate secure messaging and sharing capability into an existing application or website. You’ll also be able to build new applications that incorporate secure storing and sharing functionality with an easy-to-use Restful API.

Its ease of integration and development makes it an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and Web 2.0 projects. All requests to the API are made via HTTPS.

If you have an application or website you would like to automate from and you would like to pick our brains, please feel free to give us a call on 01202 652070  or email [email protected]

Branding and Marketing

At AMS we offer our customers the option of branding the File Shares portal and associated email notifications. The bespoke portal will offer your users and external users an experience they are more familiar with in terms of the look and feel and adds an additional level of security and reassurance.

Our Plans

From one secure encrypted platform there are 3 different ways of using the solution. Whether you’re looking for point to point transfer, longer term storage and collaboration, automation from customer SFTP clients or a mixture of all 3, we’re confident there will be a plan suitable to your business.

Secure File Transfer

Secure Point to Point 2-way Transfer solution with 256 bit-AES encryption and audit trail

  • 2-way secure transfer
  • Any file type, any size
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • 3 authentication options
  • Automatic deletion with expiry
  • Full management and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

File Sharing

Longer term secure storage and collaboration within a 256 bit AES encrypted portal

  • Share internally and externally
  • No file size or file type restriction
  • Built-in workflow options
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • File access roles controlled by originator
  • Full management and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

Virtual Data Rooms

Store and share documents in a highly secure and structured way, with activity tracking and index/content reports

  • Structured Index & Content Management
  • Enforce access disclaimers
  • Share internally and externally
  • Web viewer for 70+ supported file types
  • Drag/drop & bulk folder/file upload
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Full audit trail and reporting
  • Permission-based access, inc 2FA

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

Free for 14 days…

You can get a real feel for the solution with our 14 day free trial. This will allow you to test all the features to ensure it is the right solution for you and your organisation.

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