New Features July 2018

Published on July 23, 2018

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AMS File Transfer Version 2.1.1

Modify Sent Transfer Expiry

We have introduced a new Change Expiry button within the Status panel of a sent transfer.  This allows the sender to modify the original expiry date after the transfer has been sent.

Download All Files

Users will now have the option to download all files attached to a received transfer as a .zip file.

Invite User

A new Invite User option is available for Professional Users and allows them to invite either a Guest or Guest Sender onto the platform.  This will send an email notification, allowing them to register for a file transfer account.

Improved My Profile Page

My Profile now allows users to view any Terms and Conditions set and provides them with an overview of their Account Permissions.  You can still manage which Notifications you want to subscribe to and also your Contacts Cache from the same area.

Contacts Cache

Previously when you sent a file transfer or invited a user to view a file share, the contact email address is maintained in your autocomplete address list.  You now have full control over this list within My Profile and can remove any entries you no longer need.

Improved Token Request Page

Improvements have been made to the Token Request page and now includes an option to skip the token request, which allows the recipient to use a code they already have.  There is now an option for the user to regenerate a code without manually refreshing the page or using the original email link.

File Transfer Archive

Enabled at tenancy level, a new file transfer archive option allows you to keep the files of an expired transfer for a set retention period.  This means that an administrator of the system can view the content of files that were previously attached to an active transfer.  There is also a separate Archive option enabled at user level.  This allows a Professional User or Guest Sender to view sent transfers, which have since expired or have been manually deleted.  Once in the archive, the records are read-only.

Check Out Cancel Option

Users that have checked out a file in File Shares can now cancel the check out without making any changes.  Other users that have access to the file share now have visibility of who has checked out a file.

UI Improvements & Performance Enhancements

Overall site performance enhancements and general UI design improvements:

– Combined the Admin menu items, ‘Email Templates’ and ‘Templates’ into a single item menu ‘Templates’.

– Improved some of the search field boxes across the site by allowing auto search when you start typing.

– Terms & Conditions template editor now supports HTML input.

– On the Registration Page a new password helper dynamically removes any password requirements as they are met.

– Plus many more changes…

Author: Neil Dorrington
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