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Published on June 28, 2023

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The HSJ Digital Awards 22nd June 2023:

Improving Back-Office Efficiencies through Digital

On the 22nd of June, we were delighted to be invited to the HSJ Digital awards by one of our NHS customers, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (MSE), who were short listed for the category, Improving Back-Office Efficiencies through Digital.

MSE were shortlisted for this category for their implementation of the AMS SAR Portal, and their digital transformation of the Access to Health Records and Subject Access Request (SAR) process.

What have MSE done with the AMS SAR Portal

To find out more about the AMS SAR portal, please click here.

MSE have achieved dramatic improvements in managing access to health records and clinical images, and sharing the information requested securely through the online portal, with an average time saving of around 45 minutes per request.

Processing around 1000 requests per month means that the time taken to respond to those requests has greatly reduced, helping to reduce backlogs, and have greater control of all the requests being made.

By driving the project with passion, ambition, and great communication, MSE have also managed to achieve a 99.1% adoption for requests to be made through the online AMS SAR Portal.

“MSE wanted to improve how health records were released. The product from AMS provided us with the right customer focused solution. AMS has never failed to listen, develop, and communicate with us. They respond and feedback and it has been a pleasure to work with the team at AMS on this project. They wanted to get this right just as much as we did for our patients and service users. A truly bespoke partnership approach. We were delighted that AMS were able to join us for the HSJ awards.”
Rebecca Pascoe, Service Manager MSE Health Records and Access to Records

The HSJ event itself

This amazing event showcased the efforts and achievements of the NHS and their Digital Transformation projects.

It was inspiring for us as a supplier to the NHS to understand the level of innovative technology currently being deployed in the NHS and we were honoured to be invited.

The shortlisted organisations and the winners

To check out the different categories of digital awards, the NHS and Healthcare organisations shortlisted and of course the winners, please click here for the HSJ Digital website.

For more information on the AMS SAR Portal, please see our product page here, or complete the small form below.

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