AMS SAR Portal New Features September 15th 2022

Published on September 14, 2022

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AMS SAR Portal Version 1.5.5

What’s New

Document Tags

Document tags have been enhanced, increasing the number of options available:

Public: The file can be attached to both internal and external messages
Internal: The file can only be attached to internal messages
External: The file can only be attached to external messages
Private: The file cannot be shared

Prior to this release, a document could be tagged as either Internal or External, allowing request handlers to share externally tagged documents with external requestors only.

This latest enhancement, allows administrators to create customised tags relevant to their organisation and processes, providing clear structure to documents and limiting with whom certain files can be shared.

Global Checklists & Validation

The management of checklists has now been moved into the administration area, (Design > Checklists). allowing administrators to create customised checklists.

Within each checklist, you can now apply validation on individual checklist items, forcing request handlers to complete the items, before being able to complete the request.

Checklists help provide a visual aid of outstanding actions, allowing staff to concentrate on key components of a request. With the new in-built validation, required items are displayed in red and non-required displayed in green.

Default checklists can still be selected per form and you can now allow a request handler to select and populate checklist items from a preconfigured checklist within the request itself. Also the ability to append the new checklist to the existing items within a request, or to delete all existing items and replace with a new checklist.

Pie Chart Summary Data (Reports)

A small enhancement has been made to the report summary images and now includes the value next to the labels, which relate to each segment of the chart.

Bug Fixes

Roll-up of minor bug fixes

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