AMS SAR Portal New Features March 21st 2023

Published on March 22, 2023

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AMS SAR Portal Version 1.5.8

What’s New

Feedback Forms
Feedback Forms Global Reporting
Online DICOM Viewer Improvements
Sorting Within the Notes Section
File Upload Progress Bar in Files Area

Feedback Forms

Trusts have been asking us how they can rate the performance of their request processing. As a result, we now have Feedback Forms!

These are surveys that can be created based on your requirements, and individually assigned to each form, so you can have different surveys for each request.

When a request is completed by a request handler, and the relevant files shared, the requester will receive an alert in the portal to provide feedback:

Clicking on this link will take the requester to questions that have been set for that form. These can be scoring questions:

or they can be general questions:

In the request itself, there is now a Feedback section where you can see the scoring from the requester:

Feedback Forms Global Reporting

There is a global view of the surveys in the reports section to enable you as an administrator to see all the results of the feedback forms across all requests, with details of their actual score and average as a percentage:

And from here you can view the responses and scores from each survey:

Online DICOM Viewer Improvements

The SAR Portal allows Dicom images (X-Rays, Scans, MRI’s etc.) to be viewed through the web browser with easy download options for individual frames or the whole study. The in-line web viewer has been enhanced to include the ability to increase or decrease brightness and contrast:

Notes Sort

In the Notes section, you can now change the sort order so you can have the newest or the oldest at the top:

File Upload Progress Bar

We had some feedback from our customers that when uploading a large file, it wasn’t clear how the upload was progressing. To make this clearer, we have added a progress bar:

Bug Fixes

Roll-up of minor bug fixes

Congratulations if you’ve read all the way to the end! Would you like to go through any of the new features over a web demo session? If so you can email us at:

[email protected]

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