AMS File Transfer New Features February 24th 2023

Published on February 24, 2023

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AMS File Transfer Version

What’s New

Enforce Two Factor Authentication

Administrators now have the ability to enforce 2FA based on the role of the users.

Enforce 2FA

Authenticator App Added for 2FA

Ability to use most mainstream authenticator apps for 2FA including Google, Microsoft, and Symantec VIP.


Enhanced DRM

Recipients previously could only view watermarked files through the portal. Now you can download the files including the watermark.

Administrators can choose the options available to senders through File Transfer Policies:

And if enabled, senders can now also choose which files being shared should have a watermark applied by clicking the tag at the beginning of the file row.

New Desktop App

We have a new Desktop App which combines the ability to send File Transfers and manage File Share containers and contents.

Data Rooms

We added this to File Transfer a while back, but if you want to try it out, File Shares also includes Data Room functionality.

You can choose if you want the container to be a standard File Share container or Data Room at creation, or convert later to have file and folder numbering, index reports, and the ability to lock the Data Room to prevent changes.


The platform has been optimised to provide performance enhancements with improved upload speed using the latest Desktop App

Bug Fixes

Roll-up of minor bug fixes

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