AMS SAR Portal New Features May 11th 2022

Published on May 6, 2022

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AMS SAR Portal Version 1.5

What’s New

Task Management

Provides the ability to create and assign tasks to individual requests and users, allowing you to set the status, priority, start & end date, and a checklist of items to complete. There is also a view which displays your own tasks and an option to toggle on/off your team’s tasks, providing greater visibility and overall control.

Two new optional email notifications allow you to be kept up to date with any direct task assignments and once a day when tasks are nearing their start or end date.

DICOM PACS/Radiology Module

Our new DICOM module allows you to query your PACS/Radiology system and retrieve patient images, these are stored directly within the request, ready for electronic disclosure to the requestor via the portal.

This provides a greater process improvement and helps increase turnaround times. The other benefit is the ability to view images using the online PACS viewer, improving the patient experience when accessing their information and eliminating the burn-to-disk process.

Online Document Viewer

We have now incorporated a new online document viewer into the SAR Portal. This allows supported files attached to internal and external messages to be viewed online or optionally downloaded.

Our new online document viewer further enhances the patient/requestor experience by providing quick and direct access to the information requested, whatever the device used.

Published Form Order

You can now prioritise the order in which your published forms are displayed on the request page by dragging and dropping them into position. The list excludes forms that have been hidden from view.

Bug Fixes

Roll-up of minor bug fixes

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