New Features April 2019

Published on April 2, 2019

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AMS File Transfer & AMS File Shares Version

File Transfer

File Transfer Nudge

New ‘nudge’ button that allows a sender of a transfer to send a reminder email to a recipient to download their transfer.

File Shares

Create New File Share From Admin Area

An Admin can now create a file share directly from the admin area.

Manage Users From Admin Area

An Admin can manage the file share users directly from the admin area without having to give themselves permission to view the content of a file share.

New User Invite Options

When managing user access to a file share there are now two options:

Add – Shows existing user accounts in the tenancy
Invite – Allows you to add anyone

User Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (SMS and Email)

Added Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – SMS and Email.  MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) adds an extra layer of security to our Login access option.

Banned Password List

Added password banned lists to prevent the top 100, 1000 or 10000 passwords being used.  This enhancement attempts to stop users using known predictable passwords.

App Passwords

App passwords allow you to grant access to an application or use the MFT RESTful API without having to use your primary login details. It also allows you to easily remove access to a third party app without having to change your password and restricts the access of the app to client requests only.

UI Improvements & Performance Enhancements

– New managed account user setting, which gives all user control to administrators. Users with this setting enabled are unable to control their password or notification preferences.

– New user account layout to allow for more efficient user management.

– Administrators can now reset user’s password.

– Administrators can now set user’s default file transfer and file share notifications.

– Settings menu has now been split into Security and Invited User Settings.

– File Transfers menu now contains a single option combining file transfers sent or received.

– Added the ability for an administrator to delete a transfer through the reports area.

– Improved load times and accuracy for the inbuilt document viewer. (File Transfer & File Shares)

– Improved application audits.

– General visual changes and larger text format used throughout site.

– Roll-up of minor bug fixes throughout the application. (File Transfer & File Shares)

Author: Neil Dorrington
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