New Features March 2018

Published on March 19, 2018

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AMS File Transfer Version 2.0

Improved File Transfer Wizard

The file transfer wizard has been overhauled and now includes a 3-step process to securely send your files and secure notes.  The changes were made to improve the interface when viewing AMS File Transfer on a mobile device, improve the file management when uploading multiple files and allow an area for additional advanced features to be added in the future.

Address Books

Address books are centrally managed contact lists and provide administrator’s the ability to publish different address books to both internal and external users.  Individual address books can be created, and contacts added manually or imported via a CSV file import.  Additional parameters allow you to update existing contacts and remove them using the CSV file import tool.

Blacklist & Whitelist Address Books

This option provides further control around enforcing users to send to pre-configured Address Books or preventing users from sending to a pre-configured list of recipients.

Transfer Policies

Transfer policies provide administrator’s more granular control over File Transfer Options, previously set at group level.  Each policy can be assigned at user level and allow you to control settings like; Authentication Options, Blacklisted Extensions, Maximum number of files, Maximum File size, Maximum transfer size, Maximum Expiry, Default Expiry.  You can now also assign an Address Book to a policy.

Audits & Reports

Further enhancements have been made to the file transfer audit & reports.  We now provide more granular filters & searches covering multiple areas of the solution, making it easier to find relevant information.  You can now export each audit & report as a csv file for further analysis outside of the interface.

As well as individual reports for transfers sent & received, we now have additional reports which cover users, licensing, bandwidth & storage, as well as compliance audits, which cover application, users & files.

File Transfer Sharing

If you have external prospects, clients & suppliers sending files into your organisation, Professional Users are now able to Share the transfer with additional recipients easily through the interface.  This can be enabled globally by an administrator and allows the user to post a quick message to the new recipients.

File Viewer, with optional Digital Rights Management

AMS File Transfer now benefits from a new advanced inline viewer, which supports over 70+ file formats, including PDF & Microsoft Office.  The viewer offers the ability to search & copy text within a document, crystal-clear zooming with high resolution rendering and options to change page layout modes (e.g. single page or facing pages), rotate pages and view on full screen.

Optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) gives the sender control over print, download of document – original or as a PDF & secure document viewing, copy protection (DRM) – viewed documents are encrypted so they are copy-protected.

Malware Scanning

We’ve now added anti-virus software to our AMS Cloud Infrastructure, which scans all files uploaded and downloaded through our hosted solutions.  Offering anti-virus as standard, not only protects the integrity of your files & data which you share with your colleagues, customers and partners, but also protects you as a business when receiving files.

Author: Neil Dorrington
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