Health Business Publication – AMS Subject Access & FOI Request Portal

Published on April 23, 2021

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AMS Subject Access & FOI Request Portal has featured in Health Business:

NHS Trusts are adopting the AMS SAR Management Portal to digitise the process of requesting and responding to Subject Access and FOI Requests. The move to digital is essential for the NHS to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and compliance, resulting in improved service to patients and other third parties. Transform manual processes with physical documents and multiple systems into one central digital platform.


  • Digital web forms
  • Central request management portal
  • Reporting tools and reports
  • Secure two-way file exchange
  • Breach management
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Full audit trail
  • UK data sovereignty
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Self-sign-up


Having to respond to a variety of requests from sources such as the Police, Patients, Relatives, and Solicitors, the challenge for an NHS Trust is to manage this effectively, respond to requests within their allotted timeframes and to achieve maximum compliance.


  • Improve efficiency with one central solution
  • Reduce postage and burn-to-disk costs
  • Modernise the request process with electronic web forms
  • Provide a better service to your patients
  • Speed up the process to minimise breaches
  • Save time with automatic report creation
  • Instant email notifications to improve visibility and speed-up response times
  • Improve security and avoid lost documents
  • Improve compliance and accountability with full audit trail
  • Empower your external users to manage their request(s)
  • Prioritising requests using request categories to balance workload and avoid breaches

“The SARs Portal from AMS has revolutionised our approach to dealing with Access to Health Records requests.  It has enabled us to offer an improved, streamlined service to our ‘customers’ due to the fully customizable features of the product that have allowed us to tailor it to our needs.  It is intuitive and straightforward to use for both the team and users of our SAR service”.
Mark Jessup, Head of Digital Records, East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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