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Published on November 29, 2017

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Easy File Transfers – Sharing files is common practice in any organisation and finding the right transfer solution can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  In basic terms we have a file and need to get it from A to B, but how can we do that quickly and securely, whilst complying with your organisations data sharing policy?  It’s far simpler than you think and can be achieved in a couple of clicks.

Current methods of sending files can include; printing documents, burning to disk, saving to USB and sending this by post or recorded delivery, or relying on private hire taxi’s, consumer based file sharing solutions, email or FTP and some of these delivery methods can become quite costly when sending large amounts of files.  Losing traceability and visibility of these documents could result in leaked data and on some occasions, a fine.  Think before you send.

From an organisation’s perspective there needs to be a distinct process in place; to provide staff with a central & modern way of sharing files and being able to quickly & easily facilitate the transfer of information from A to B.  From a user’s point of view, it needs to be an intuitive solution; to provide an easier way of sending and receiving files and being able to track when they have been read or downloaded.  We all want to improve the way in which we share and access information and being able to leverage your position in the market by investing in technology, will inevitably allow you to grow as an organisation, whilst still maintaining your common values and goals.

AMS File Transfer is a welcome addition to any organisation’s toolbox and allows you to share information both internally and externally to your colleagues, clients & prospects and delivers a secure link to their email for the quick retrieval of information.  Offering 2-way transfer allows you not only to send information, but also to receive information back into your organisation with virtually no user training required.

AMS File Transfer helps you work towards becoming compliant, ready for GDPR, with full audit trail and secures personal and confidential information against unauthorised access using the built-in authentication options.  With no file type or file size restrictions and your own branded site, it’s an easy transition to make and the 1st step in securing your information.

Author: Neil Dorrington
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