NHS Charity

Thank You to our NHS customers and contacts!

We want to give back as a Thank You to our NHS customers and contacts!

At AMS we understand that the last 18 months or so have been very testing for the NHS while they’ve been over-stretched supporting the health and wellbeing of our country during the most challenging time for the organisation in history.

We’re very lucky to be supporting the NHS though good times and bad as they look to digitise processes and have found ourselves hearing first-hand about some of the horrors the staff face on a regular basis. We currently work with around 100 NHS sites daily to support them as they utilise our NHS SAR Portal and Secure File Transfer for digitally capturing, sharing and transferring sensitive files, such as Health records, SARs and FOI responses.

For those of us in the private sector, we can sheepishly say it’s been a tough time commercially as well. However, here at AMS we want to express a big Thank You  to our NHS customers and contacts for remaining loyal to us and our joint vision despite the extreme strain on resource and time during this challenging period.

As an act of gratitude and in response to the loyalty shown by our NHS customers we will be supporting NHS Charities Together by way of a corporate donation. NHS Charities Together raise funds to support over 240 NHS charities throughout the country with items that are over and above that funded by the government.

We truly believe in giving back where we can and we cannot think of a better charity or cause to donate to, given what the NHS has done for us, not only over the last 18 months but over the last 30 years as a business.

A Big Thank You!